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Social Media Tips > Overview of Facebook

Overview of Facebook

Overview of Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network in the United States and one of the largest in the world. What began as a way for college students to connect with one another has evolved into a major platform for personal communications as well as marketing and sales. Refer to these sections for guidance on page setup, enhancements, group management, strategic status updates and much more.

  • What is Facebook? - This section presents the basics of this powerful social network - from services Facebook offers entrepreneurs to cautions regarding security and conflicts of interest.
  • Setting up a Facebook Page - Facebook targets business owners by offering functions helpful for brand development. Learn techniques to maximize the impact of your imagery, company information, timeline and more.
  • Enhancing a Facebook Page - While opportunities for page enhancement are limited in favor of new advertising offerings, taking advantage of the options Facebook provides can help you reach your target market.
  • Managing a Facebook Group - A Facebook Group can help you provide more direct information to customers and prospects through conversations. Monitoring and efficient management are critical for maintaining a healthy cyber-community and Groups are no exception.
  • How to Post Strategic Status Updates - A status update can be a quick, powerful way to share news, ideas and business information with your customers and prospects. For updates to be effective, you must use proper timing, frequency and content that attracts attention and encourages actions.
  • Building Your Fan Base - Expand your fan base by extending personal invitations to "like" your business page. Social ads, web-based promotions and offline references can draw more people to your business page.
  • Using Facebook Social Ads - Create eye-catching Facebook ads to attract visitors to your page, reinforce your brand, and increase your page "Likes.” You have a wide array of ad formats to purchase and launch.

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