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Operating your business can be a daunting task. From growing your business to keeping up with the latest online solutions, we know that time is one of the most important assets a business owner must manage. The C&F Resource Center is designed to save you time and help you learn best practices and receive information from other business owners and experts who have faced some of the same challenges as you. Our goal is to help your business succeed. We hope you enjoy this information.

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Social Media Tips > Introduction to Blogging

Introduction to Blogging

Introduction to Blogging

Writing an effective blog is one part art, one part science. Refer to these articles to learn how a blog can help promote your business and build an online following. Study up on best practices and how to manage content as well.

  • What is a Blog? - A blog is a website with a specific format consisting of posts or articles that appear in reverse chronological order so the most recent posts appear first. Refer to this section for a snapshot of blog structure and organization, as well as a list of free and fee-based blogging platforms.
  • Blogging for Business - Companies are blogging to promote their businesses and attract customers. This article summarizes the reasons you should blog, along with specific attributes of the best blogs.
  • Blogging Best Practices - Blogging for your company demands solid strategy and clear communication. Here are six ways to make your corporate blog a powerful marketing and communications tool.
  • Building a Community on Blogs - Refer to this article for guidelines on the legalities of running a blog community, strategies for establishing and running a blog, as well as building viewership.
  • Managing Blog Content - The key to a successful blog is consistency. A blog editorial calendar will help you achieve this by connecting topics to specific dates, promotions and other important events.

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